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PostSubject: Roleplaying Guide   Roleplaying Guide I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2012 3:02 pm

Here is a roleplaying guide. Not all rules are listed here, but the most basic things are. Good luck in learning Roleplay!

Also if you dont want to read this guide, a good way to roleplay is to act like you would in real life.

So, lets start with...What's Roleplay, And how to Roleplay?

Roleplay means taking a role of a person, you can roleplay as a medic, gangbanger, mobster, or anything use your imagination, Before you start roleplaying, You should choose what you would roleplay, You have alot of choices, But make sure you plan whats gonna be your character goal, like is he gonna be a criminal, or a cop, or would he be insane, who just escaped from the asylum, Its upto to you, Don't be afraid to RP as a civilian, since everyone here joins gangs, mafia's or services, but civilian is also good, or you can start a legit businessman, or a politic person, Also plan what age your character is gonna be, and what clothes his gonna wear, and what dream he would have.

RP Driving guide.

Since this server is based on America, you must drive on the right side >
If you crash, You must RP the accident, And you must NEVER park your car ontop of a player, You can get jailed/warn/kick for it, So avoid doing that, and REMEMBER not to drive like a mad person, If your character is RP-ing he can't drive, then you can RP it, but if you crash, then RP it please, and if you got oncoming cars coming towards you, you'd probably be thinking what to do, so he or you would pull over, and if you do collide, then you would be badly injured, and be polite to the drivers, like people would be IRL, no matter even if your a gangster, Let them pass if they need to, don't rush, and you don't need to follow the lights, since they're unsynchronized, But if you would like to, then you may, And if a cop's following you, and your legit, and got nothing to hide, then you should pullover, but remember to not make up things.

Driveby's:You are not allowed to do driveby's by pressing Q or E, since they auto-aim, and wherever you would hit, It would hit them, As thats a ban / jail offence, But your passengers may driveby, But remember to roleplay it...For example:[me=Alan]unzips his jacket, and takes out a mp5.[/me][me=Alan]rolls down the windows, and leans out.[/me]
Alan says: 3rd street fo' lyfe.

Carjacking: Remember, that if you press enter, and jack a car with a person onit, it Perfoms a animation, but thats not needed, you must always try to RP the carjack, for example.[me=Alan]smashes the window's with his deagle's handle, and unlocks the door.[/me][me=Alan]opens the door, and aims the gun at him.[/me]
Alan shouts: Yo' dis' da' saints property now.
But its upto you if you decide to kill him, or take him out of the car.

Parking Guide: What most people do is park their car at the middle of the road, and get out, IRL you'd have a fear of the cop, and wouldn't do that, So park your car at the side, and don't park your car the opposite side of the road.

Interacting with People/ Gangs:Remember to not look at the people's tag which is over there head, and call them that, you know that its not them, and alot of people metagame by calling them with their tags, which isn't fair for the other people, As this is a jail/warn/kick offence, so do not that, and If someone unknown knows your name, and number, then ask him how he got his number / name? Its ok, don't be afraid, if you suspect that he metagamed to get that, then you could report him, and make the admins check the log, Or you can stay regardless thinking he spied on you, and is a assassin, If you get prank calls, then just hang up, And if you get surrounded by a group of gangsters, or people, and they ask you for your money, your job would be to give them your money with your /me's, and not run away, since your afraid, and remember if a single person aims a gun at you, give them your money / items, cause IRL you'd be afraid to not get shot, so be aware of this, thanks.

Calling 911:Remember not to prank call, or troll with 911, since you wouldn't do that IRL, so its best to RP it, and if your injured, or something, or see someone injured, then you may call the paramedics, and the cops would also come with them, and if you got a problem and you think someone's trying to kill you, then you can file a report to the 911, or RP it, and see what the LS-PD can do, but at the moment, LS-PD here isn't advanced, so you could leave this.

LicensesRemember to RP getting licenses, So it would be more fun, and don't think about time, theres alot of time, so if you would wanna get a license, for example a gun license to protect your self from any criminals would be good, and don't get a gun license, If you been busted for murder, since it would be NON-RP, and the license people always check your criminal record.

What to do if you get arrested by cops, or cuffed:Just stay calm, and don't panic, Plan what you will do, you can simply headbang the cop, and step on his foot, and run to a place with your cuffs on you, and find a way to cut the cuffs, And it would be best to RP the arrest if you got alot of cops near you, and what alot of people do when they're bored is provoke cops, they go near them, and say some words, and ram the car, making the cops chase them, which is a bannable / warnable / kickable offence, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

Now lets get to the IC / OOC Rules.

What IC stands for? And what does it mean?
IC stands for incharacter, and its related to RP, and this is one of the main point of RP, so, theres some IC commands that let you chat IC-ly for example, /s (shout), /r (IC Radio), /w (Whisper), /sms YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE SMILEYS ON /SMS, SINCE YOU WOULD DO THAT IRL, /note, Note that, If you do use /note, please RP it, for example, /me takes out a pen, and a small piece of ripped paper from his jeans right pocket.[me=Alan]starts scribbling something on the note.[/me][me=Alan]gives it to Seam.[/me]
So, then whatever you typed, it will appear on the player's screen to whom you gave the note to..

What OOC stands for? And what does it mean?
OOC stands for Out Of Character, anything related to out of character meaning, talking about something that isn't related to your character's roleplay, Something related to your real life, or something that you did, or you discussing about some stuff, is called OOC, But remember, If you got a xbox live IRL, and you think its metagame to say it here, then your wrong, Cause you can RP your character has a xbox live ingame, by RP-ing it, And you can use some OOC commands to interact with people, for example../o (Global Chat), /b (People near you would see it, its like /l, but OOC) and /f (OOC Radio chat for the hi's and good morning's).

What's NON-RP?
Now, If someone says to you, you can't RP, and you get confused a little, and your like No i'm not, But remember, to accept critism's since it will help you increase your RP standards, and remember to consider them, But lets get to the point, Whats Non RP? Non RP means, doing something thats unrealistic, and cannot be done in real life, or you wouldn't do in real life, like drive around smashing lots of walls, and not RP-ing the effect, and Yes, its similar to Powergaming, Or hopping around all over the world, Well thats called NON-RP, And you get called NON RP, if you break any of the RP rules, so be careful please.

What does MG Stand for? And what does it mean?
Well, MG Stands for Metagaming, And metagaming means, Mixing IC over OOC, For example, if you meet a person, and you just look at the name at the top of his head, and you call him by that, Thats considered Metagaming, Or if you find out about gangs or mafia's OOC-ly, or you got told by someone by /pm's, or You'd tell people to come to you by /pm's is also considered Powergaming, If you see anyone breaking these rules, then screen their messages / actions by pressing F8 and upload them to a website, like imageshack, tinypic, and post them to the report section at the home board.

What does PG stand for? And what does it mean?
PG stands for Powergaming, and it means, doing something thats IMPOSSIBLE to do in real life, like picking up a bus, Which no one IRL could do, or not giving someone a chance to RP, or respond to your /me's, for example, if you..[me=Alan]throws Emilio from the star tower.[/me]
* Pushes him with the lmb command *
Then he would fall down, I didn't gave him a chance to respond to /me's by /do.

This is a really important topic, Powergaming, This is something that most people have no idea off, and if you got this, then you'll become good at RP-ing, and someday proffesional at RP-ing, So i'll explain how to do this.

Now for example, I'll be Alan, and my opponent will be Emilio.
[me=Alan]punches Emilio in the face.[/me]
Emilio: Fail, He doges the punch.

So, If you plan on trying to fail, and avoid the person's action, think what would happen in real life, then let it happen, And then respond by /do S(success, or f(fail, with a REASON.))

And also don't try to do double actions, if you type /do fail, or succeed like /do f, Emilio zaps you in the balls, which is a action without a /me, so do not do that, but do it with a seperate /me and remember to keep everything RP.

NOTE: If you do not get this part, Feel free to contact me ingame, My nick is Peter_Owens, And i will gladly help you at this part

What does RK stand for? And what does it mean?

RK stands for revenge kill, And it means killing a person that killed you before 30 minutes, or so, or the required time, Because your suppose to RP that you lost your memory, and got no idea, what happened back there, So its best to keep to your self OOC-ly, but if you died near your friend, it doesn't mean, Your dead to your friend, your friend can actually visit you at the hospital, and ask what happened to you, and how, and RP it, remember to RP this please.

What does CK stand for? And what does it mean?

CK stands for Character kill, and it means that your character is officially dead, and he no longer belongs to the real world, But don't worry, that doesn't mean, you would loose your levels, and your account will get banned, you can just simply /changenick, and get your new nick simply, but what most people do is ignore the CK's, but don't forget that, CK requires YOUR permission FIRST, If someone says you got CK-ed, and they didn't asked you, don't believe them, they're trying to trick you into loosing your character, So its upto you if you wanna be CK-ed or not, But if you get into a good role-play situation, then you might need to accept CK, but don't worry, as i said you won't loose your property / cash, but only your friends, and people that you knew ingame.

What does DM stand for? And what does it mean?

DM stands for deathmatch, and it means killing a person without a roleplay manner, also known as killing someone for fun, without any roleplay, and just killing that person even if you got no war between you, note that this is a jailable / banable / kickable offence, so do not try to do this.

Credits to "Zeeman" For making the guide.
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Roleplaying Guide
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