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 Michael Paterson - FBI application form

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Michael Paterson
FBI Agent
FBI Agent
Michael Paterson

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PostSubject: Michael Paterson - FBI application form   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:14 pm

Federal Bureau of Investigation

(( OOC Information ))
Out of Character Information.

*In-Game Name:
Answer Here. Michael_Paterson

Answer Here. 32

Answer Here. Male

Answer Here. Greenwhich mean time [00:00]

Answer Here. English

*Do you have a working microphone and access to TeamSpeak? (
Answer Here. Yes

Alt Accounts used:
Answer Here. Jackie_Eztacato

Personal Information
Information regarding yourself.

Answer Here. Michael Paterson

Answer Here. 32 years old as of the 19th of June 2012

*Date of Birth:
Answer Here. 19/06/1980

Answer Here. English

*Country of Origin:
Answer Here. England [GB]

*Home Address:
Answer Here. 1 Greenhouse Drive

*Mobile Telephone Number:
Answer Here. 1312

*Email Address:
Answer Here. MikroP@Sanmail.co.uk

*Years as a resident of Los Santos ((In-game level)):
Answer Here. 32 years

*Time served in a LEO service:
Answer Here. SFPD for 7 years. Rank: Captain

Past Crimes Committed:
Answer Here. N/A

*Copy of Drivers License and Passport ((/stats)):
Answer Here.

Biographical Content
A biography about yourself.

*Life Biography (100 Word Min):
Answer Here. I was born in England and I served as an SFPD Officer for 7 years until now. It appeared that I was a man of action, something we couldn't get enough of.
I attended Los Santos University of Law before moving into my SFPD career and rising to the rank of Captain. I then decided to leave my job and join a crime fighting team closer to my home in Los Santos. I found that the FBI is recruiting, it is what i have been looking for. I hope I get in now.

*Law Enforcement Knowledge (100 Word Min):
Answer Here. I attended the University of Law in Los Santos.
I served as an SFPD Law Enforcer for 7 years and rose to the rank of Captain

*Why do you wish to join the FBI? (100 Word Min):
Answer Here. Since I started learning about law I read about FBI many times. It will have a lot more action and possibilities than my previous job. It is pretty much everything I was training for and everything I have ever wanted to be.

Note: Application End.
Application © Peter McMelon 2012
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PostSubject: Re: Michael Paterson - FBI application form   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:17 pm

Congratulations, you're application has been accepted, you have now advanced in to the second stage of recruitment.

Please arrive present at my office to receive your interview.


Peter McMelon
FBI Director.
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Michael Paterson - FBI application form
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